MPCP utilizes four channels during COVID 19 virtual programming: Zoom, Google Drive, Marco Polo and YouTube.


  • Zoom: Classes will consist of stories, songs, movement, math and literacy building activities an games. Classes will be held on the same schedule (start time) as our in-person class offerings would have been:
  • Google Drive: Teacher Shannon uses Google Drive to send out links to virtual field trips, ideas for science experiments, art projects, building challenges, movement ideas, and more activities that families can explore together offline. Google Drive is where Teacher Shannon will empower and inspire MPCP families with the ideas and resources to be your child’s preschool teacher outside of class time.
  • Marco Polo: Marco Polo is a call and response video app which will allow MPCP children to communicate asynchronously with Teacher Shannon and the other students in their class. This enables an extension and sharing of experiences of the programming.
  • YouTube: Teacher Shannon will continue to provide recorded stories, as well as other experiences such as science experiments, which MPCP families may use to create a quiet moment for yourself or another shared activity. Teacher Shannon’s YouTube channel can be viewed here.

MPCP Adults and Caregivers

  • Parent education is a hallmark of the co-op model. We are delighted to be rejoined by Melissa Benaroya, one of our former parent educators and leader of last year’s speaker series. Melissa’s full bio can be viewed here, but it is not an overstatement to say that helping people reach their parenting ideals – without losing it! – is her life’s work. In addition to our monthly (virtual) class meeting parent education, Melissa will be available for one-on-one conversations with parents, facilitating small group discussions, having open office hours, etc. More details to come.
  • Parenting courses are a part of Melissa’s coaching repertoire and she has generously extended to each of the families of the MPCP co-op community the ability to take one of her paid online classes for free. You will be able to choose between the Emotion Coaching or Strong Bodies, Strong Minds courses described here
  • Informal weekly meetups will be established for each class via Zoom. Each class will pick a weekly time that works for them, and we’ll set up a standing weekly Zoom link so you can stop by for a chat with your fellow parents.