Q: I see on your website that parents are expected to have in-classroom time, what does this look like?

A: This varies by age group – In our Tots class, families are expected to have an adult stay in the classroom for every class. In the Twos/Threes class, families have one “drop-off” day and one “stay day.” At the beginning of the school year, your class reps ask for preferences and assign families to a consistent schedule to ensure we meet our ratios. 

Q: Our child spends their day with a Nanny or alternate caregiver, are they able to participate in place of parents?

A: Absolutely! We usually have a mix of parents, nannies, au pairs and grandparents in the classroom. The diversity of adults is part of what makes co-op special! We do ask that families keep caregivers as consistent as possible to keep the classroom flowing smoothly, but we also understand that life happens!

Q: What in-classroom jobs do families do on their “stay days”?

A: Jobs are assigned by the class rep and include wiping and sanitizing surfaces, bringing snack, and vacuuming/sweeping the classroom at the end of session.

Q: Tell me more about Class Meetings – how do they work and what is the time commitment?

A: The meetings involve: a happy half-hour for parents to chat and meet other families; updates from the Class Rep; updates from Teacher Shannon with some age-specific developmental information; and Parent Education from our Parent Educator. In total, they last ~2 hours. These monthly parent meetings are mandatory. We also have two (2) whole-school meetings; they occur in lieu of regular monthly parent meetings, not in addition to them. These meetings are a great way for parents/caregivers who are not in the classroom to get to know the other families, and Teacher Shannon.