Parent involvement is critical to the success and day-to-day operation of Madison Park Co-op. Here is a summary of parent and/or alternate caregiver responsibilities:

  • Participate in the classroom as a scheduled classroom assistant
    • Attend classes on your scheduled workdays
    • Assist with classroom cleanup as scheduled
    • Prepare and supply a snack as scheduled
  • Attend all parent meetings (1 evening session each month)
    • Attend monthly meetings with the other parents in your child’s class
    • Attend all-school meetings
  • Complete parent job and/or serve as a MPCP Board member
  • Participate in MPCP fundraising

Parent Meetings

Regular parent meetings and all-school meetings are the primary communication mechanism of MPCP. These regular parent class meetings ensure a smooth-running classroom and informed parents. The meetings generally include:

  • A check-in on general Co-op business, fundraising activities and general class activities
  • A Teacher-led discussion of class topics, activities and field trips
  • A Parent Educator-led discussion of parenting issues and developmental issues
  • A chance for parents to get to know one another and share parenting resources

In addition, there are two all-School meetings (Fall and Spring) each year. The fall session is an all-school Welcome to co-op. The spring session has an outside speaker on a parenting topic, and essential co-op business, including the annual election of our Board of Directors.

In the months when there is an all-school meeting, class meetings will not be held.

Parent Jobs

Because parents run MPCP, each member family is asked to select and complete a parent job during the year or serve as an officer on the MPCP Board. MPCP’s Vice President of Parent Outreach assigns jobs and provides member families with detailed information on how to succeed in their role.

See a complete list and description of MPCP Parent Jobs.

Fundraising Participation

Tuition and Fees cover only 80% of the co-op’s annual budget. We conduct annual fundraising efforts to make up that gap.

MPCP does not require families to raise a specified amount of money. Rather, our fundraising goal is simply the participation of 100% of our member families.

Our primary fundraiser is a fun, community event in February. We fundraise in support of the event, reaching out to our larger community.